Welcome to Rick’s Photography Service!   

  Image of Rick the owner of Rick's Photography Service

Hello my name is Rick Brisby and the owner of Rick’s Photography Service,  formerly known as Hise Studio of Corvallis Oregon. Jock Edblom was the owner of Hise studio from 1967 until March 2017. I have worked as a photographer for Hise Studio for 15 years. Due to his health he has now retired and has asked me to take over the business.

Under his request he also recommended that I rename the business so as to set up my own brand. I enjoyed very much working for Jock. He was very passionate about what he did.

I bought my first SLR camera when I had my first child 40 some years ago and been taking pictures ever since. I am looking forward to following in Jock’s foot steps and to provide the best service and quality that he did.